Fall Handouts
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  • Pediatrics – RSV program in Northern Health and Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia – giving the green light for treating the yellow fellow - Julie Gagnon
  • Acute Coronary Syndrome - Amy Nunly
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Fall Handouts
How to connect via Skype for Business or Teleconference:

You can join the meeting from any computer, including home computers if you download the Lync App.  It will prompt you to do this when you click the JOIN SKYPE MEETING link:  https://meet.northernhealth.ca/jennifer.hawkes/ZSHKR10F

Join from home for free using your computer or phone….you can pre-test your computer now – it will tell you that it “Looks like you are the only one in the meeting” if it works.

·         Audio only – dial the teleconference number and follow along with handouts.  You may have better sound quality if you use headphones.

·         +1 (877) 649-4899

·         Conference ID: 5661233

·         https://meet.northernhealth.ca/jennifer.hawkes/ZSHKR10F

·         Audio and video - Join the meeting to see the presentation – click on the link in your calendar invite or cut and paste the link above.  You may be asked to install Lync Web App on your computer.  If it does not work in Google Chrome, try Internet Explorer.

·         You may need to dial in using the teleconference number to hear the audio or ask questions depending on your computer.  Don’t forget to MUTE the audio on your computer if you dial in with your phone to avoid feedback. 

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